I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me For A Week

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I always knew I liked fashion and picking out my outfits for the day, but recently I’ve been in a bit of an outfit slump, I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing the same outfits 5 days a week when I’m at work because it’s just too hot for me at the moment!

And I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed picking out my clothes for the day until a week or two a go. Here’s how this idea came about, I was out in Cambridge for the day with my boyfriend doing a bit of clothes shopping and it came about that all of the stuff he picked out for me looked great (and he was very smug about it all haha). So as we’re walking down the street this idea pops into my head so I suggest it to him and needless to say he didn’t need much persuading.

We decided that we’d do it for 5 days out of the week since I had some event’s on that weekend and I already had my outfits planned for those. Also, this week was a week I had already booked off work which worked out surprisingly well because the weather was so hot I wouldn’t have been very productive anyway!

A surprisingly large amount of prep went in to getting everything organized for that week because my boyfriend and I are saving up for a place so we currently don’t live together. Because we don’t yet live together, this meant that him picking out what I was wearing was going to have to be done through videoing and taking photos, in the end I took a photo of every single item of clothing and every pair of shoes I own. (If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is!) I even sent him all of my seasonal stuff which I wasn’t even planning on wearing anytime soon!

After sending him all of my photos of my clothes, Matt then was going to have to tell me what my outfit was to be the evening before my day so I could get it ready for the morning. Oh and so I could tell him what I was doing for the day to make sure it’s appropriate!

So, let’s get into it!

Day one:

Day one outfit

Day one was what I was expecting from Matt’s clothing choices.. a dress. You see, it’s not that I don’t like dresses, because I do, but I never feel as comfortable in them as I would jeans or leggings. Also, today I was off to my little sisters last primary school sports day and picnic which was going to last the entire day. As uncomfortable as I was (my mum and I were sitting on the floor for about 5 hours and could not sit comfortably!), I did like how this outfit turned out when I look back on it, because it was out of my comfort zone and was very bright and out there for me. Overall thoughts: Might wear this again, but maybe when I’m off out for the day and doing less sitting in one place!

So, off to a reasonably good start!

Day two:

Day two outfit

So today I was off to my little sisters leaving assembly at her school and because we were going to be inside a big stuffy hall for about 2/3hours my only requirement for this outfit is that it has to keep my cool. I didn’t mind this outfit, it was surprisingly reserved compared to what I was expecting, and it was comfy which I was super grateful for. I don’t know why I haven’t paired blue on blue intentionally before, because it looks alright and I realise now that Matt wears blue on blue a lot so I suppose that’s where this one came from! Overall thoughts: Not sure I’ll wear it again, but that’s because I just don’t really wear shorts or sleeveless tops (I hate my arms so they are never out haha).

Day three:

Day three outfit

I’m starting to wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. More shorts.. but at least he’s allowed me to wear something with sleeves. The only problem with that is that the top is actually a bodysuit that give you a huge wedgie and I felt like a sack in it because it was a size too big.. Looking back on it, I don’t actually hate this outfit as much as I did when I wore it. I think maybe it photographed better than I expected! Overall thoughts: Probably wouldn’t wear it again purely for the fact that I didn’t like how I felt in it and it gave me a huge wedgie, but might wear aspects of it with other things.

Onwards and upwards!

Day four:

Day four outfit

I’ll be honest, I really couldn’t stand this outfit. I love the colour yellow and I love this top, but I really didn’t like it with this skirt. For starters, I bought this skirt about 4 months ago after re-watching Friends again and loved Rachel’s outfits when she was working in Central-Perk. And then I wore it once and it went straight to the back of my wardrobe.. I’m not wearing shoes in this photo because I was at home all day so there wasn’t any need for it and I was spending the day in the kitchen cooking and doing meal prep so needed something cool to wear. One thing I am thankful for is the fact that this outfit was cool so at least I didn’t get too hot in the kitchen. Overall thoughts: Thank god tomorrow is day 5..

Yay! Last day!!

Day 5:

Day five outfit

The boy did good. I loved today’s outfit, it was cool and breezy and is something I bought a few weeks ago and kind of forgot about. Also, he knows I love those shoes (£3.50 from Primark – bargain!) so I’m glad he picked these out. Today I was off out for lunch with Matt which was a nice way to bring the week to an end, and he thought that I looked great everyday which is what this is all about really. Just kidding, it’s about how I felt and not caring what other people think! Overall thoughts: This outfit will definitely be worn again, and I don’t think I’ll be apposed to doing this again, maybe in the colder months which are more in my wheelhouse.

This week was an interesting experience. And I think I’d definitely do this again, it was nice to not having to allocate time for deciding what I wanted to wear everyday, and it was cool to see outfits Matt would like to put me in other than when we go shopping. One thing I did miss was that aspect of getting to pick out my outfit based on my mood for the day. It turns out that I care an awful lot more about my clothes than I thought!

I’ll still be taking Matt out shopping with me to help me decide on clothes because he is a good help, and is always encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone more often and find something new that I like! From this I’ve learnt that I take a lot of pride in my clothes, and that I can push my boundaries in respect to my clothes a bit more. Oh, and that I need to shave my legs more often.. and that I don’t need to wear jeans or leggings everyday!

Let me know in the comments if you want me and Matt to do another post like this soon! Maybe when it’s a bit colder haha! Have a great weekend lovelies!


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