My Trip To Edinburgh.

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Hello my lovelies! I’m back from my week away! Edinburgh was great fun so I thought I’d share with you what I got up to! So, Matt (my boyfriend) and I drove up to Edinburgh. Which, yes.. it was a LONG drive! But this meant we didn’t have to think about airports or trains and we could go at our own pace and stop as much as we want.

So what did we get up to?

Well on our first night there we went on a trip to the VUE cinema and saw the new Toy Story. We were absolutely shattered after our long drive up there, and we noticed a cinema near our hotel so we figured why not have a night at the cinema to end the day. And if you have never been to a VUE cinema before, let me tell you, they are so nice and cheap!! We had huge leather electric recliner seats with big cup holders and fold over tables, and that is their standard seating. oh.. and they sell Ben and Jerry’s sundaes! By the way, Toy Story 4 is great!

The next day we took a trip to Princes Street! We started off by doing a little wandering around, and then we decided to go to a place called Camera Obscura. That was so much fun, there was a mirror maze, spinning corridor, interactive are and more. Here’s a few images from my trip there!

The next day we decided to take a trip to Glasgow (by train) and we met up with a few friends there. What we also did was a load of shopping! Glasgow is definitely the place to go if you fancy a great shopping trip with loads of nightlife. One thing I did notice when we were on the train was that it was so much nicer and cleaner than the ones here! And they had a refreshments trolley going down the carriages regardless of who was first class. Nice eh?


The following day we decided we were going to go to the Edinburgh Dungeons. I say we, I really mean Matt because I’m a humongous scaredy cat. It was a huge anxiety for me, especially because the actors do pick on the audience and pull you out, but I’m glad I did it. Also, I did get picked out and taken away by myself, so I’m super proud of myself because it did cause a bit of an anxiety attack but I managed to hold my own and got through it! After the Dungeons we did a bit more shopping and found a cute little cafe and sat down for a cup of tea and cake, which was delicious!


On our last day we took a trip to the Edinburgh Zoo. And it was pretty great! It was massive for a start; they had loads of talks and feeding times to watch and loads more. I got to see pandas, rhinos, koalas, monkeys, flamingos, meerkats and my personal favourite – pygmy hippos! They were so so cute! They had hundreds of Lego sculptures or animals throughout the zoo which I think were part of a treasure hunt for kids which was pretty cool too!

acs_0506And that was pretty much it for out trip! the next day we were of the mindset of lets get up and go since it’s about 6 hours in the car back home. We made good time too, with only two stops on the way we got home just before 2pm. All I planned on doing that evening when I got home was chilling out, but I came home to my lot having friends round which somehow ended with everyone trying on belly dancing costumes.. but that’s a story for another day haha!

And that’s how my trip to Edinburgh was! That wasn’t all the details of course, because we would be here forever and we’ve all got stuff to be doing, whether that’s errands or just chilling out!

Have you been to Scotland? Let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend everyone!


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7 thoughts on “My Trip To Edinburgh.

  1. I went to Scotland a few years ago and spent a couple of days in Edinburgh. It’s a lovely city and I’m looking forward to going back there (hopefully this October!). You look like you both had a great time. 🙂 A day trip to Glasgow is a good shout!

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